Taking Our Temperature: COVID-19 in Marion Co.

A special exhibit dedicated to our local pandemic experience #MCHCCovid19Project

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A Little About This Project...

"Taking Our Temperature: Covid-19 in Marion Co." is a real-time history collection project that will become an MCHC special exhibit. We want to hear from residents throughout the county - all backgrounds, ages, or careers - about their personal experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have no aim other than to record the live and thoughts of our neighbors during this dramatic change in our lives. Real or hoax, mask, anti-mask or even semi-mask, we want to hear from you! Our intention is to record our communities' beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for historical purposes.

Our Partner in Education

Why You Should Participate

  • You have something to say about this pandemic, or a have a story that you'd like to share!

  • You want future Marion Countians to know what happened during this extraordinary time in our local history. 

  • You know how much it has meant to you to find old journals and notes from your ancestors, and how much you felt connected to them by seeing their lives through their own words.

  • You believe in the importance of the historical record.

  • You want to see what everyone else thought, too, by participating in and supporting a one-in-a-lifetime exhibit! 

  • Bonus reason - It's interesting! (And cool!)

How You Can Participate

  1. FILL OUT THE QUESTIONAIRE: You can fill out all - or just some - of the online form below.

  2. TELL A STORY: Go to the form below and after filling out the identifying information, use the last question box to tell your own story - free of the restraints of questions!

  3. TAG US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Make a TikTok, Facebook post, or Instagram video. Tag #MCHCCovid19Project. **It would also be help if you could fill out the online participation form below!

  4. EMAIL US: Put your story in an email mcheritagecenter@gmail.com!

  5. DONATE AN ITEM OR PIECE OF ARTWORK: Do you have an item that you would like to be preserved and cataloged in our collection - a photo? A cool mask? Pandemic-realted artwork from kids or grown-ups?  Please fill out the identifying information on the form below and check the appropriate box.

  6. WRITE A LETTER: Want to do things the old fashioned way? Please write your own pandemic story and send it to the MCHC via the USPS at the address below.

We want to take your temperature on the 2020 pandemic! Please support this project! #MCHCCovid19Project

Top artwork: Alexis Prinkle; Bottom drawing: Kelly Hutchins

Please Note

Please also note that when you submit your thoughts or story (by the online form,  email, or through social media (#MCHCCovid19Project), you give the Marion County Heritage Center permission to use, reproduce, exhibit, or publish your information as part of the "Taking Our Temperature: COVID-19 in Marion Co." project. For a full description of terms and conditions click here.