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By Ann Barnett

David Wayne Russell is ready to feel youngand free again. As he makes his way home to Kentucky from Vietnam, David knows his fiancée, Libby, has already mapped out a life for him and worries he will not live up to her expectations. But as he makes a stop in Los Angeles to catch up with his army buddy, Doug

Campbell, all of that could change with one risky proposition. When Doug suggests that David could use his Kentucky family farm to get rich by growing

marijuana, David shrugs it off as a crazy notion. As he reunites with Libby, who immediately begins pushing him to become the man both she and her judge father want him to be, David feels he has no choice but to marry her, manage

her family's farm, and follow someone else's dreams for the rest of his life. But when the judge remarries and his attractive stepdaughter complicates things. Libby wants David to buy out her father's interest in the farm now instead of waiting for her inheritance. Suddenly in need of big money, David rethinks Doug's offer and makes a decision that leads him down a different and much darker path. Between the Rows is the compelling tale of one man's struggle to keep a secret as he faces the consequences of one fateful choice.

Between the Rows

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