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Turtleman: The Call of the Wildman!

Hunts for arrowheads, tussles with critters - Turtleman knows every inch of Marion Co.

Who Is Turtleman?

The Turtleman (Ernie Brown Jr.) is a national celebrity, a Kentucky treasure, and a resident of the land he knows best: Marion County. His show "Call of the Wildman," featured for four seasons on Animal Planet, was based out of Marion County. The show wrapped after 72 episodes in 2014, but Turtleman is still active in his efforts to share South Central Kentucky's interesting critters and deep-woods treasures through his internet shows and other events. 

Ernie was born and raised in nearby Washington County, but he has called Marion County home for decades and the MCHC is proud to house the official Turtleman Exhibit!  
The MCHC currently has an exhibit on his show, a selection of photos, artifacts and arrowheads he has discovered and information on his conservation efforts. He made history by putting Marion County on the map in his way, and we hope you will begin to learn about Ernie here and then stop by for a visit!


Live Action!!!

Turtleman Merch!


The Call of the Wildman

Turtleman's iconic show on Animal Planet 


Turtleman: A History

From his youth in rural Kentucky to his years as a TV star


Who we have lost...

Marion County has lost three important cast members from Call of the Wildman. Learn more about about their lives on the show and here at home


Turtleman today

Want to know what the Turtleman has been up and  where you can find him? Look no futher!

Visit the official Turtleman Exhibit at the Marion Co. Herigate Center 

The MCHC is currently open by appointment only, but we will not turn away Turtleman fans!

Please email us or message us on Facebook.

Where can I purchase Turtleman gear?

Click the button below to access our online store where you can purchase official Turtleman

T-shirts and knives! 

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