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Ways to Give: Treasure, Time, Talent

Make history with us - reach out via the options below!

Let's celebrate history together!

There are many ways to get involved with or support the mission of the MCHC - we are looking for time, talent and treasure to make the MCHC the crown jewel of Marion Co.!


Are you an interested in preserving the history

of Marion County and

contributing to our mission?

If so, here is your opportunity!


Are you a business looking to support our community and be recognized in MCHC

media and at our events?

Then here is your opportunity!


Yes! You can make a 

donations to support a 

specific program, exhibit or event! Let's talk! 

Non-Financial Donations

Do you have an item or items to that you would like to donate - or loan - to our organization? 

Please reach out to us!

non profit.png

Time and Talent

We want your time and talent!  Please contact us with your information and your talents!


We need volunteers here at the MCHC to help organize and run programs and events, to enter historical items into the database, set up exhibits and expand our knowledge!

Become a volunteer!

I'd love to!


So, we hear you know a little bit about museums... or websites... or photography... or music... or quilts... or graveyards... or storytelling... We need these talents and more! 

I have something to offer!
Become a Sponsor
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