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By Patrick Alvey Hayden, Sr. A Kentucky pioneer family of the Rolling Fork settlement.

Hayden - A Pioneer Family of the Rolling Fork Settlement traces the heritage of this large Kentucky family back to 12th century England. The rich heritage and intriguing history is what Pat Hayden hopes to capture and pass on for the pride of future generations. Pat Hayden, a 5th generation Kentuckian and Marion County native, was born and raised in Lebanon, KY. As a child he spent many summer adventures on his grandfather's farm that was located about two miles south of Calvary, KY. After spending several years in the newspaper

industry as a printer, he obtained his Kentucky Real Estate license and Kentucky Auctioneer license. As the co-founder of Rector-Hayden Realtors, Hayden enjoyed a 40 year real estate career in Central Kentucky. Pat retired in 2006. Pat and his wife, Maggie, have resided in Lexington, Kentucky for over 50 years.

Hayden Family History

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