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Ruth Ann Fogle

Ruth Ann Fogle was born Ruth Ann Johnson in a small Kentucky town by the name of Riley. She now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. At a young age, her imagination and flair for the dramatics caused her mother to label her as the "strangest child" she had. Young women born in her generation were expected to learn to love God with all their heart, can fruits and vegetables, cook, make quilts and be a good housekeeper. Ruth Ann perfected herself in the first three, and then spent the rest of her time daydreaming, weaving fairy tales, writing poetry, playing dress up and acting out plays under the old cedar tree in her grandparent's front yard. She reflects on her past and remembers how her English and Drama Professors in high school wanted her to pursue an acting career, when she graduated. However, God had something else in mind. God being a jealous God wanted her talents for His glorification. Therefore, she has spent the majority of her time writing, directing and performing in the church. The character in this book was actually born in the year 2000 during a Sunday

morning announcement. She gives God all the glory and praise for her talent.

She loves to laugh and is truly an inspiration to all she meets. She teaches Bible Classes, Sunday school, is the director of the Drama Department at her church, is a wonderful motivational speaker, does outreach at Adult Daycare and Women Centers, hospitals, jails, teaches at seminars for both

men and women, and runs a business.

I Ain't Changing My Clothes

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