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Call of the Wildman: Animal Planet TV Show

The Call of the Wildman, aired for 72 episodes between 2011-2014 on Animal Planet. The show focused on the critter catching exploits of "Turtleman" aka Ernie Brown Jr., of Marion County. On each show, Brown catches various Kentucky critters and releases them back into their habitats. Although Brown began with turtles - that's how he got his name - his critter wrangling did not stop there.

Animals Turtleman removed and rehomed included snakes, skunks, beaver, possums, rats, mice, bear, raccoons, a boar and even spiders! In addition to removing various animals from Kentucky homes and businesses, Turtleman also walks miles of Kentucky woodland, hunting for Native American artifacts.

Turtleman and his friends Jake Ison, James Neal, David "Squirrel" Brady, and his dog Lolly Dog, a Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog mix, were the stars of the show.  Brown's rat snake "Sir Lancelot" also played a vital role in the "capture" of various rats and vermin.

Brown did this all with a distinctive yell and the commitment to "live action" shooting of the show, which brought him fans from around the world!

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Photo courtesy of Turtleman and Animal Planet

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