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Your family and your very presence in Marion Co. means you are part of our history! We encourage you to invest in our story!

Hello Future Member!

We want you to know that we value your membership in the Marion County Historical Society!

Your investment allows us to pursue our mission of preservation and storytelling to bring awareness
and pride to the events, places and people that built our community!

There is no history without the people who make it, every family large and small, every marriage, birth and passing, every business, 

investment, and act of courage and innovation, that is the story of
Marion County.


In the future we hope to see many great things happen at the Heritage Center, including:

  • A reorganization of our permanent collection, including  a full inventory

  • The installation of new and innovative exhibitions

  • Steps toward the renovation of the historic Heritage Center building

  • Engaging events and programs that will delight residents and visitors

  • We are also continuing the tradition of gathering important historic information from our businesses owners, property owners and industries.

Sign up here!

NOTE: Please fill out and submit both the form and  membership purchase. If you prefer, you may fill out the form and mail a check to us: MC Historical Society / PO Box 831 / Lebanon, KY 40033. Steps outlined below!

Membership Option:
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Your time and talents are important to us! If you are interested in assisting with future events, marketing, fundraising, collection management, data entry, or volunteering time as a guide, please check this box and we will contact you!

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Thank you!

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