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Ruth Ann Fogle

Riding along the beautiful countryside in Kentucky the writer foundt it hard to imagin a time when the blue grass, the fast horsess and the pretty women were all covered in a shadow - the shadow of war! While passing the miles of rock fences, she couldn't help but wonder if some of her ancestors had not been involved in this tedious work art. Looking out of over the pastures and fields of crops, now being plowed and harvested with machinery, she saw slaves and poor white sharecroppers with little hope. Plowing behind mules with their wives and children breaking up the big clogs of dirt with their hoes. She didn't want to see the hate that shed innocent blood and made good men sin. Why? She asked herself. Why? Just where did that seed come from, what would cause humans to treat others of their own kind the way they did? She stopped for gas and while putting her credit card back in her wallet - it hit her. The love of money, the root of all evil. The slave owners were afraid to be poor, they wanted luxury and prestige. They wanted comfort, good food, to travel, to survive, to live forever if it meant taking the lives of whole race of peiple. Fear caused greed, the greed caused more fear, and both of these caused a battle. The battle cast a shadow of sorrow. But it had to be fought.

In The Shadow of a Battle

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