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Circa 1870's. By Dr. J.F. McElroy.

The following history was written about twenty years ago for a local literary society. It is thought best to publish it without change, adding such notes

as may be necessary, owing to lapse of time to make portions of clear to our

younger readers. (Editor's note: although the exact date of Dr. McElroy's

history is unclear it is believed to have been written in the 1870's.) The history of Lebanon as a town probably commences with the year 1813, but at the request of the society, I have collected a few of the more interesting facts connected with the early settlement of places and vicinity. These facts have been principally obtained from my father, Wm McElroy, who has been

familiarly known in his community for more than half a century as "Uncle



He was born in Campbell County, Virginia, February 5, 1776. In 1789, the

family immigrated to Kentucky and settled the farm now occupied by John

Spading on Pope's Creek. In 1795, he commenced work at the carpenter's trade and was employed to build, improve, or repair nearly all of the houses within the present limits of the county that existed at that time; consequently, he had excellent opportunities to become acquainted with the people and the history of the times. He married in 1804, and settled one mile and a half northwest of Lebanon where he now lives. The old cabin, which he built in 1804 is still standing in the yard and is the repository for his old carpenter's tools with which he may still be seen occasionally working at his old trade.


He has been a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church since 1801. Having

frequently been a delegate to a Presbytery and Synod, he found an extensive acquaintanceship throughout a large portion of the state and is very familiar with the history of the Presbyterian Church of Kentucky, and still retains a distinct recollection of events that transpired during the Revolutionary War. His father was with Lafayette in the Siege of Yorktown and witnessed the surrender of Lord Cornwallis.

McElroy's History of Lebanon

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